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Students may start preparing their master's thesis after having acquired 80 credit points. The master's thesis scores 30 credit points. 

  • How to register your master’s thesis

You will receive the documents (including the “Certification of Issuance of the Master’s Thesis Topic Manufacturing Technology”) for registering the master's thesis during the office hours of the Examination Office Team 3, where it will also be checked whether you have fulfilled the requirements for the master's thesis. The "Certification of Issuance of the Master’s Thesis Topic Manufacturing Technology" must be returned to the examination administration promptly after the topic has been issued by the chair.


  • Completion period

The completion period begins with the issue date of the topic noted on the form. However, the completion period begins at the latest when the form is handed into the Examination Office. The processing time is always 6 months!


  • Extension of completion period

In case of illness, an extension of the completion period is possible (without the application deadline), provided that a medical certificate is submitted within the completion period. The extension then corresponds to the duration of the illness. The certificate must be submitted to the Examinations Office. Furthermore, a one-time application can be made to the examination board for an extension of the completion period if there is a delay due to an incident that is not self-inflicted. This must be submitted to the Study Coordination at least 14 days before the end of the completion period and allows an extension of a maximum of 4 weeks. For the approval of the application, it is mandatory that the justification is confirmed by the chair (signature & stamp).


  • How to submit your master’s thesis

Submission via Exabase

Since the winter semester 2019/2020, all degree programs at TU Dortmund University require students to submit their theses in digital form via the online portal ExaBase. This applies to all theses registered from 01 October 2019 onwards. This means you have the opportunity to submit your thesis digitally in the form of a PDF document. 

Check The bachelor/master thesis is uploaded to the ExaBase portal of TU Dortmund.

Check The affidavit for the Bachelor/Master thesis must be signed by hand, scanned, and inserted into the digital version.

Check After the successful submission of the thesis, you will receive a receipt to your Email address.

Further information can be found on the checklist "Digital Final Thesis".


  • Further documents (provided by the Examination Office)

Examination Sheet for the Grading of the Master's Thesis: To be completed by the examiners. S/he enters your grade of the written thesis, signs it accordingly, and sends it back to the Examination Office.

Information regarding the Master's Thesis: For information only, should be read, noted, and kept by the students.

Certification of Completion of the Master's Thesis Manufacturing Technology for Registration of the Oral Defence: Provided by the Examination Office after all the other grades have arrived there. It states that you meet all the preconditions to defend your thesis. Fill it, let it be signed by the supervising chair, and hand it back to the Examination Office. 

Examination Sheet for the Grading of the Oral Defence of the Master's Thesis: Give it to your supervisor, who will enter your oral grade and send it back to the Examination Office, then your master course is officially over, you are a free person and can state proudly that you have handled German administration. 


  • Certificate

In order to receive the final documents and the certificate, you need to submit an "Application for preparation of the final documents" to the Examinations Office (Team 3).


For the submission of theses that still have to be submitted in printed form, please follow the following procedure:

Check Please complete and submit the form for the "Submission of Master's Thesis" in 3 copies.

Check You have to hand in two printed versions of your Master's Thesis. All two prints must be casebound. In addition, you have to submit an electronic version of your Master’s Thesis. Please remember that the "affidavitis an integral part of the thesis and must be included in each copy and signed in the original!

Check The copies of your work will be forwarded by post to the supervisor. 

The Master's thesis can be posted around the clock in the letterbox ("Fristenbriefkasten") at the Central Control Room of the TU Dortmund University (Emil-Figge-Str. 71c). Please address the envelope strictly as follows:

TU Dortmund
Dekanat Maschinenbau
Frau Anna Lena Gurski
Leonhard-Euler-Straße 5
44227 Dortmund

In addition, you also have the option of sending the work to the Deans' Office as a parcel or package. The receipt stamp of the parcel delivery company is considered the date of submission.