Life in Dortmund

Life at TU Dortmund is far more than seminars, lectures and examinations. The campus and its facilities invite you to stay longer, to go out for food, to listen to music and to party; or to stay even longer-as residents in one of the dormitories.

Whether you decide to have the special meal in the cafeteria or to take an athletics course at the AHS or to spend an evening listening to live music at the annual Campus Festival, life in and around the university is multifaceted and anything but boring.

On the following pages you can catch up on these facets; this may even give you the impulse to stay after the lecture and take part in the campus life.

Student life at the university is very multifarious.

The university library offers a great selection of technical books. Also, there are many work stations, where you can work at computers, in groups or for yourself. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own laptop. There is free internet access available on the entire campus. To be flexible you can use internet on the entire campus.

On Monday through Friday, the university cafeteria (Mensa) serves different meals at student friendly prices. Furthermore, special food is offered at an extra cost. It changes weekly and usually has a certain motto, for example Mexico or Bavaria.

When the lecture is over and you want to enjoy your free time, you can choose from a variety of opportunities. You can buy a sport card for 15 € per semester which allows you to do all kinds of sports at university. The range reaches from soccer to basketball or yoga. On college sports office you can find out about the times and where you have to go.