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“For students thinking about studying the MMT course, it offers the opportunity to discover the
“secret“ to the success of German engineers, the high technological knowledge that could be the acquired and extensive."

Chukwuemeka Okolo T Chukwuemeka Okolo from Nigeria
 Meghana Arun Joshi Meghana Arun Joshi from India

“In the MMT course, we are getting world-class
education along with the touch of latest technology
in manufacturing.“


"As a mechanical engineer, I chose the MMT program at TU Dortmund in order to specialize myself and widen my vision in my profession."

Gokhan Alkan Gökhan Alkan- 2013- Turkey
 M. Adil Ilyas T Adil Ilyas from Pakistan
MMT is the perfect fit for you if you are passionate about manufacturing and wish to have multiple career paths after graduating."
 “I found the MMT course to be a perfect fit to develop
my research skills and experience the co-operation between university and industry.“
 Diego Marques Bezerra T Diego Marques Bazerra from Brazil
Sarang Patange Sarang Patange from India

"MMT is a fantastic course offering the opportunity to gain insights in various fields related to basic engineering science as well as practical aspects of manufacturing. The course is entirely taught in English."

“If you are interested in mechanics and would like to have English courses, MMT is definitely a perfect choice."

 Bin Cheng T Bin Cheng from China
Haresh Kumar Haresh Kumar from Pakistan
“I would strongly recommend this course to young students who are passionate about the manufacturing field, as it is one of the best opportunities you have.“

“MMT office has been guiding me right from admission through a pre-course, student advisor, academic advisor etc. This made my journey to and stay in Germany so much easier and pleasant."

 Madhu Sudhan Rao T Madhu Sudhan Rao from India
 Mortaza Otroshi T Mortaza Otroshi from Iran “I suggest MMT to those students who have a goal in their life."

“I enjoyed my time with my course mate from different racial backgrounds, as they showed respect, friendship and cooperation.“

 Olabode Lowo T  Olabode Lowo from Nigeria
 Rami Rouhana T Rami Rouhana from Lebanon

“The MMT courses covered different technologies like machining, forming, polymer technology and others, as well as the fundamental theories and different technologies used today's industries.“

 “Multitude of mini projects, laboratory works , a project work and the Master's thesis help to build the intricate skills required for an industry as well as for further research.“  Vamshi Krishna Vamshi Krishna Potluri from India
 Yogesh Bhattarai T Yogesh Bhattarai from Nepal

 “We can do an internship in industry or do research at the university to gain experience and build our future career.“

"My advice for students who are thinking to join this wonderful university, don't think twice. Come and enjoy your best studying moments ever." Sadam Wapande Sadam hamis Wapande from Tanzania
MaimoonSaleem Maimoon Saleem from Pakistan "German automotive companies are world-renowned and since the MMT degree seemed a very practical course I decided to pursue it. I was lucky that I got a MMT scholarship for 2 years."