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Acquisition of intercultural competencies

During your studies you will learn how to interact with other cultures and how to manage cultural diversity in a study and labor situation.


Educating future engineers who are meeting the international demand

The MMT program has tasked itself to educate future engineers in the field of Manufacturing Technology. Furthermore, the international demand for engineers is an issue. Due to this, the MMT was designed to educate students who are able to perform internationally.


Experiencing a mult-cultural atmosphere

Besides the cultural diversity in MMT classes, students may enjoy the cultural variety of Europe, particularly in the Ruhr Area.

The Ruhr Area is a central region in West Germany and offers various possibilities regarding your student and daily life.


Encouraging international exchange

The MMT provides an excellent knowledge in the field of Manufacturing Technology. Students going back to their home country, transfering to another region or staying in Germany play an important role by means of knowledge transfer. Thus, the gained expert know-how will be available internationally and exchanged with other institution.


English as teaching language

English as the universal language symbolizes an important skill to perform internationally. Therefore, the curriculum is exclusively designed in English. Due to that students from all over the world are enabled to join this postgraduate program.


Students from all over the world

During the last years the MMT Coordination Team has welcomed students from more than 25 different nationalities.