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  • How to register your master’s thesis

Firstly we will give you an overview of the whole administrative process from registering the thesis to receiving your grade. Then it will give detailed information on the documents you are handed out during the process and tell you which document has to go where and when. For this purpose, samples of the documents are attached.
Please do not try to print out these samples and do anything with them. It will not work, because everything needs to be issued by the Prüfungsverwaltung.

  • The documents provided by the Prüfungsverwaltung

In the following you will find all documents which will be also provided by the Prüfungsverwaltung.




1- “Certification of Issuance of the Master´s Thesis Topic Manufacturing Technology”

At the top, your name and matriculation number will already be entered and one of the members of the Prüfungsverwaltung will have signed it together with entering the correct date. In the gray box you are notified about the maximum size of the thesis and the fact that if you do not hand it in in the appropriate form until the deadline it will be marked as “failed”. The lower half needs to be filled out by you and your supervisor. You enter your name, matriculation number and email address and then write the topic of your thesis into the black boxed area. You’ll want to make a copy of this document for yourself before you hand it in to the Prüfungsverwaltung.


2- “Examination Sheet for the Grading of the Master´s Thesis”

This document will be needed by your supervisor. Here he or she enters your grade of the written thesis, signs it accordingly and then sends it back to the Prüfungsverwaltung.


3- “Information regarding the Master-Thesis”

This document informs you how you have to hand in the thesis on the day of submission. The normal way is via the dean’s office, where you will get a signature on document (5) “Abgabe von Diplom-Arbeit/Bachelor-Arbeit/Master-Arbeit”.


4- “Masterstudiengang Manufacturing Technology”

This page is important if you have completed any lectures outside the MMT curriculum, which you wish to appear on your transcript. It is made for subjects, which you have attended but which are not considered in your final grade. If you have attended such lectures you have to attach the corresponding certificates to this document and send it to the Prüfungsverwaltung. If the lectures you attended additionally are already registered with the Prüfungsverwaltung, you should mention them on this document. If you have not attended any extra subject, you can ignore this document.


5- “Submission of Master´s Thesis“

We already mentioned this document before: You have to hand it to the dean’s office the day you submit your thesis. Fill it with the details of your thesis and the name of your supervisors and sign right behind “Unterschrift Studierende/r:”. The secretary at the dean’s office will sign below and then take the original for themselves. Ask nicely for a copy of the signed document.


6- “Request Form for Changing Title of Master´s Thesis“

Please note that, if you have already registered your Master’s thesis, the title can be changed with this form.


7- “Declaration in Lieu of Oath”

This document has to be bounded in your thesis. You have to sign that you have conducted the thesis all by yourself, have only used help you have marked and cited correctly. The section “Belehrung” tells you that you can be sued with a fine up to 50000€ (In words: fifty-thousand) if you cheated, might be expelled if you do it repeatedly and that the wrong filling of a “Eidesstattliche Versicherung” is a crime which will be punished with up to three years in jail or a fine according to German law. Below you sign that you have noticed the “Belehrung”.


8- ”Certification of Completion of the Master´s Thesis Manufacturing Technology for Registration of the Oral Defence”

Looks familiar? This document is very similar to the first. You register your oral defense with it. It will be handed out by the Prüfungsverwaltung after all the other grades have arrived there. It states that you meet all the preconditions to defend your thesis. Fill it, let it be signed by the supervising chair and hand it back to the Prüfungsverwaltung.


9- “Examination Sheet for the Grading of the Oral Defence of the Master´s Thesis”

Looks familiar as well. Give it to your supervisor, who will enter your oral grade and send it back to the Prüfungsverwaltung and... you will be done! When this document is filled and handed back to the Prüfungsverwaltung your master course is officially over, you are a free person and can state proudly that you have handled German administration :] Now just relax and wait for your documents to be issued by Prüfungsverwaltung, who will notify in about four weeks by email.


end faq


  • How to submit your master’s thesis

Check Please submit your master's thesis to the Dean's Office Mechanical Engineering:

Maschinenbau I
Leonhard-Euler-Str. 5
Room 05
Phone: 0231 / 755-7903
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check Please complete and submit the form for the "Submission of Master's Thesis" in 3 copies.

Check You have to hand in two printed versions of your Master's Thesis. All two prints must be casebound. In addition, you have to submit an electronic version of your Master’s Thesis.

Check The copies of your work will be forwarded by post to the supervisor. Please remember that the "Declaration in Lieu of Oath" (please see 6) is an integral part of the thesis and must be included in each copy and signed in the original!

Check Opening hours for the submission of master's thesis: Please see here

Check Additional alternative service for outside of opening hours:

  • by mail to the following address:
    Dekanat Maschinenbau
    Studienkoordination Frau Anna Lena Gurski
    Leonhard-Euler-Straße 5

    44227 Dortmund

  • directly to the mail box at the entrance of the building of the Department of Student Services, Emil-Figge-Str. 61
  • ! In the most extreme emergency (e.g. oversize of the package), the master's thesis can be delivered to the Central Control Unit (Bau- und Facility Management, Emil-Figge-Str. 71).


  • Certificate

Your certificate will be automatically issued by the Examination office.